Denver Photoshop Training
We perform miracles every day.  You can look 20 years younger. We smooth out your skin, remove or lighten blemishes, reduce double chins and can even make you look thinner!
We provide retouching services for companies, magazines and websites - everything from cutting products out of backgrounds, to adding grass to architectural photos.  We can add a beautiful blue sky to any picture.
Please email a sample photo, and tell me what you want done.  I will give you
a price quote.  Most work is finished within 48 hours.  Please send jpg images with a maximum size of 10 megabytes.  Payment must be made in advance by credit or debit card.   Here is the contact email.
Please see our gallery page for more sample photos.
Here is just some of what we we can do for you: 
Make you look 20 years younger.
Take off 20 or even 40 pounds!
Fix double chins.
Remove blemishes.
Take people out of photos.
Add special effects.
Cut you out of a background
    and add a new background.
Restore and fix old photos.
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